Katrien Torfs

Postdoctoral Researcher, Face Categorization Lab, 2013-2014

Research Interests

My main research interest is to understand how we can recognize objects despite variations in their appearance and this within a fraction of a second. I have a special interest in neuropsychology because I believe that studying people who have suffered brain injury provides us with a unique opportunity to learn about the processes that are crucial during normal recognition.

The goal of my doctoral research was to enhance our understanding of the complex interplay between perceptual organization and object recognition including the development of a new screening test for perceptual organization (L-POST).

Currently, I study face recognition using steady-state visual evoked potentials (SSVEP). 


Publications: Other

Torfs, K., Panis, S., Wagemans, J. (2010). Identification of fragmented object outlines: A dynamic interplay between different component processes. Visual Cognition, 18 (8), 1133-1164.

Op de Beeck, H., Torfs, K., & Wagemans, J. (2008). Perceived shape similarity among unfamiliar objects and the organization of the human object vision pathway. The Journal of Neuroscience, 28(40), 10111-10123.