Begüm Cerrahoğlu

  Begüm Cerrahoglu

   PhD student






Université de Lorraine - CNRS
Ingénierie moléculaire, cellulaire et physiopathologie (IMoPA)
UMR 7365

Pavillon Krug ( CC-1), Hopital Central

CHRU Nancy - University Hospital of Nancy

29 Av. du maréchal de Lattres de Tassigny

54035 NANCY Cedex, FRANCE

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Research Interests

I am intrigued by the brain's rapid and precise visual categorization of objects. My PhD research focuses on the neural aspects and temporal dynamics of visual categorization, using techniques such as frequency-tagging (FPVS) and (S)EEG.

Currently, I am investigating the neural basis of face pareidolia through human intracerebral recordings. My goal is to determine whether face pareidolia activates the same neural circuits involved in processing human faces. This phenomenon occurs when certain features in familiar stimuli, like everyday objects, create the impression of a face.

In the future, I aspire to gain further insights into face perception at the neuronal level by using microwires for single and multi-unit recordings in patients with refractory epilepsy