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                                      Past and present scientific collaborations (main)




Anthony M. Norcia

Stanford University

EEG frequency-taging

Christine Schiltz, Aliette Lochy University of Luxembourg Visual word recognition, interindividual differences in face recognition, 
Arnaud Leleu, Diane Rekow Université de Bourgogne Multimodal infuence on the development of face recognition
Matthew Lambon Ralph, Olaf Hauk MRC Cambridge Visual word recognition, MEG, semantic memory
Laurent Koessler Université de Lorraine Multi-scale human electrophysiological recordings

Ra iner Goebel,
Bettina Sorger 

Maastricht University 

Functional neuro-anatomy of acquired prosopagnosia

Xiaoqing Gao
Zhejiang University
Frequency-tagging fMRI
Benoit Cottereau CerCo, Toulouse Monkey fMRI in face recognition
Quoc Vuong Newcastle University Object recognition accross depth rotation, visual expertise
Bart Boets KULeuven, Face perception in autism spectrum disorder with fast periodic visual stimulation
Michael Webster,
Fang Jiang
University of Nevada, Reno Fast periodic visual stimulation with EEG, visual adaptation

Tim Curran

University of Colorado at Boulder

Electrophysiological studies of visual expertise

Valérie Goffaux  UCLouvain Face perception

Frédéric Gosselin

Université de Montréal

Response classification

James Tanaka
Daniel Bub

University of Victoria

Single-case studies of prosopagnosic patients; SSVEP and face perception

Michael Tarr

Carnegie Mellon

Electrophysiological studies of visual expertise and object recognition

Jessica Taubert

The University of Queensland

fMRI and neurophysiology of face perception in the non-human primate brain