Jacques Jonas

   MD, PhD (2016)


Université de Lorraine - CNRS
Ingénierie moléculaire, cellulaire et physiopathologie (IMoPA)
UMR 7365

Pavillon Krug ( CC-1), Hopital Central

CHRU Nancy - University Hospital of Nancy

29 Av. du maréchal de Lattres de Tassigny

54035 NANCY Cedex, FRANCE

Email :  j.jonas@chu-nancy.fr 



Research Interets

I am a neurologist working in the field of the epilepsy, with a specific interest in intracerebral evaluation of focal epilepsy using Stereo-EEG. My research interests concern the understanding of the neural basis of face perception using intracerebral recordings and intracerebral electrical stimulations in epileptic patients. I am convinced that a multi-modal approach combining intracerebral electrophysiology, functional neuroimaging and face perception impairments evoked by focal intracerebral stimulations or related to focal epilepsy may provide significant advances for understanding face perception.

I am currently a neurologist at the University Hospital of Nancy (CHRU-Nancy, France).


Publications: Face Categorization Lab

Jonas, J.*, Jacques, C.*, Liu-Shuang, J., Brissart, H., Colnat-Coulbois, S., Maillard, L., Rossion, B. (in press). A face-selective ventral occipito-temporal map of the human brain with intracerebral potentials. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA.[PDF]

Jonas, J., Rossion, B., Brissart, H., Frismand, S., Jacques, C., Hossu, G., Colnat-Coulbois, S., Vespignani, Vignal, Maillard, L. (2015). Beyond the core face-processing network: intracerebral stimulation of a face-slective area in the right anterior fusiform gyrus elicits transient prosopagnosia. Cortex, 72, 140-155. [PDF] [VIDEOS]

Jonas, J., Rossion, B., Krieg, J., Koessler, L., Colnat-Coulbois, S., Maillard, L., Frismand, S., Colnat-Coulbois, S., Vignal, J.-P., Vespignani, H., Jacques, C., Brissart, H., Maillard, L. (2014). Intracerebral electrical stimulation of a face-selective area in the right inferior occipital cortex impairs individual face discrimination. NeuroImage, 99, 487-497. [PDF] [videos]

Jonas, J., Maillard, L., Frismand, S., Colnat-Coulbois, S., Vespignani, H., Rossion, B., Vignal, J.-P. (2014). Self-face hallucination evoked by electrical stimulation of the human brain. Neurology, 83(4), 336-338. [PDF] [videos]

Jonas, J., Frismand, S., Vignal, J.-P., Colnat-Coulbois, S., Koessler, L., Vespignani, H., Rossion, B., Maillard, L.  (2014). Right hemispheric dominance of visual phenomena evoked by intracerebral stimulation of the human visual cortex. Human Brain Mapping, 35, 3360-3371. [PDF

Jonas, J., Descoins, M., Koessler, L., Colnat-Coulbois, S., Sauvee, M., Guye, M., Vignal, J-P., Vespignani, H., Rossion, B., Maillard, L. (2012). Focal electrical intracerebral stimulation of a face-sensitive area causes transient prosopagnosia. Neuroscience, 222, 281-288. [PDF] [Video 1] [Video 2]