Marie-Alphée Laurent

   PhD student





Université de Lorraine - CNRS
Ingénierie moléculaire, cellulaire et physiopathologie (IMoPA)
UMR 7365

Pavillon Krug ( CC-1), Hopital Central

CHRU Nancy - University Hospital of Nancy

29 Av. du maréchal de Lattres de Tassigny

54035 NANCY Cedex, FRANCE

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Research Interets

I am interested in understanding and studying cognitive functions, particularly the neural mechanisms underlying the visual system and their evolution in primates. Specifically, since my master’s degree internships, my research has focused on the similarities and differences in the coding of facial identity between species. My PhD project aims to investigate the neural basis of face identity recognition in both human and non-human primates. I am mainly conducting functional neuroimaging (fMRI) studies in collaboration with the CerCo (Brain and Cognition Research Center, in Toulouse), using an objective frequency-tagging approach to directly compare human and monkey neural face recognition systems. At the CRAN (in Nancy), I also perform single and multi-unit recordings with intracerebral microwires in temporal lobe refractory epilepsy patients to provide insights into the neuronal mechanisms of human face recognition.