Marion Marchive

Marion Marchive 

   PhD student




Université de Lorraine - CNRS
Ingénierie moléculaire, cellulaire et physiopathologie (IMoPA)
UMR 7365

Pavillon Krug ( CC-1), Hopital Central

CHRU Nancy - University Hospital of Nancy

29 Av. du maréchal de Lattres de Tassigny

54035 NANCY Cedex, FRANCE

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Research Interets


I am fascinated by the study of the functional and anatomical organisation of the brain through the notion of hemispheric lateralization. With my different internships in the field of cognitive neuroscience during my bachelor's degree in psychology and my master's degree in neuropsychology, I have developed a strong interest in the study of hemispheric lateralization in relation to cognitive processes such as language or visuospatial attention. In line with my research interests and previous work, I am currently doing a joint ("cotutelle") thesis between the University of Lorraine (CRAN, France ) and the University of Luxembourg (COSA). During this thesis, I am using fast periodic visual stimulation (FPVS) coupled with electroencephalographic recordings (EEG) to study biomarkers of hemispheric lateralization and language ability in drug-resistant epilepsy patients and in healthy subjects.

The aim of my work at the University of Luxembourg is to use FPVS-EEG approach with visual word recognition paradigm to contribute, on an individual basis, to the evaluation of lateralization and language performance at the lexical and semantic levels in healthy adults.

At the University of Lorraine, I am working with drug-resistant epileptic patients to compare biomarker measurements recorded (FPVS-EEG) for language before and after surgery in order to establish a cognitive outcome model.