Giulia Dormal


Research Interests

My research interests relate to brain plasticity, the amazing capacity of the brain to rewire and reorganize itself through the influence of its environment, specifically within the domain of face perception and recognition. My PhD project will be focused on the behavioral and neurofunctional (fMRI) investigation of face perception plasticity both in the normal brain and in sight-recovery individuals. This project will be conducted under supervision of Bruno Rossion at the University of Louvain and Franco Lepore, Olivier Collignon and Mona Harissi-Dagher at the University of Montreal.


Publications: Face Categorization Lab

Laguesse, R.*, Dormal, G.*, Biervoye, A., Kuefner, D., Rossion, B. (2012). Extensive visual training in adulthood significantly reduces the face inversion effect. Journal of Vision, 12:14, 1-13. [PDF] * = equal contribution



Publications: Other

Dormal G., & Collignon, O. (2011). Functional selectivity in sensory-deprived cortices. J Neurophysiol., 105, 2627-30.