Francesco Gentile

  Postdoctoral Researcher


Research Interests

Neural basis of face perception as studied by fMRI.


Publications: Face Categorization Lab

Van Belle, G., Busigny, T., Lefèvre, P., Joubert, S., Felician, O., Gentile, F., Rossion, B. (2011). Impairment of holistic face percetion following right occipito-temporal damage in prosopagnosia: converging evidence from gaze-contingency. Neuropsychologia, 49, 3145-3150. [PDF]

Gentile, F., & Rossion, B. (2014). Temporal frequency tuning of cortical face-sensitive areas for individual face perception. NeuroImage, 90, 256-265. [PDF]


Publications: Other

Gentile, F. & Jansma, B. (2010). Neural competition through visual similarity in face selection. Brain Research, 1351, 172-184.

Gentile, F, & Jansma, B.M. (2012). Temporal dynamics of face selection mechanism in the context of similar and dissimilar faces: ERP evidence for biased competition within the ventral occipito-temporal cortex using ICA. Neuroimage, 59, 682-94.

van den Hurk, J., Gentile, F., & Jansma, B.M. (2012). What's behind a Face: Person Context Coding in Fusiform Face Area as Revealed by Multivoxel Pattern Analysis. Cereb Cortex, in press.