Typically, graduate students and postdocs will have had at least 1 year of significant ERP (or related) experience before attending the Boot Camp, but PIs as well as those of you who are interested and have no experience with the technique can register.

A priority will be given to those in the Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience Pole (COSY) of the Institute of Neuroscience (IoNS) at UCL, including affiliated members, but it is open to all.  Registration is open until the event is full (at which time notification will be given here): the number of participants will be limited to 40.

Responses to registration requests will be given within a few days after all materials have been received. 


How to register - researchers external to UCL

1. Submit the following registration form.

2. Additionally, a 250 € registration fee will be charged.  

    Please make the payment to:

     IBAN: BE11.3100.9590.0148
     ING 2, rue des Wallons - B 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
     In communication: IPSY14L1 & your full name

    And email proof of payment to: &


How to register - researchers at UCL

1. Submit the following registration form.

2. Additionally, it is required that two letters be sent to: & bruno.rossion@uclou

  • Letter of recommendation from a supervisor (maximum 1 page)
  • Letter of motivation describing your interest in ERPs, and containing a specific declaration that you would attend the event (maximum 1 page)