Face (Jiang et al., 2011)

Face (Jiang et al., 2011)

Face stimulus appearing progressively from a fully phase-scrambled image. Presented while recording fMRI, these images elicit activation in face-selective areas of the ventral stream, with an onset of face-selectivity in the FFA preceding the OFA (Jiang et al., 2011; replicated and extended in Jiang et al., 2015)

Category search speeds up face-selective fMRI responses in a non-hierarchical cortical face network.


Jiang F, Badler JB, Righi G, Rossion B.

Cortex. 2015 66:69-80.

Face categorization in visual scenes may start in a higher order area of the right fusiform gyrus: evidence from dynamic visual stimulation in neuroimaging.


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